Chandler 1.0!

August 8th, 2008 by Mimi Yin

We are pleased to announce the release of Chandler 1.0, a “Note-to-Self Organizer” designed for personal and small-group task management and calendaring.

Chandler consists of a desktop application and Chandler Hub, a free sharing service and web application. You can also download and run your own Chandler Server.

Chandler is open source and standards-based.

What’s different about Chandler?

Chandler aims to provide a more integrated approach to managing information with:

  • A Quick Entry Bar to enter everything from ideas to reminders and

  • NOW-LATER-DONE Triage List to collect, process and track everything from deadlines and meetings to drafts and ideas.
  • Tickler Alarms to auto-re-focus deferred (LATER) items to NOW
  • An integrated, full-featured calendar designed for tracking meetings and events and tasks and deadlines.
  • Back-up and Sharing: Manage personal and shared lists and calendars side-by-side. Back-up to the Chandler Hub sharing service, sync with other calendar apps and services, and sync your data across multiple computers and access it from the web.
  • Lightweight integration with Email.

You can download Chandler Desktop, sign up for a free Chandler Hub account and get a tour of the product. Check out the source. And get involved in the project as we set our sights on growing our community. And send your feedback and questions to: or chat with us on IRC!

We look forward to hearing from you!
The Chandler Team

What’s changed since Preview?

Chandler Desktop

Plus, 11th hour volunteer contributions for:

Chandler Hub/Server

Significant Bug Fixes

Chandler Desktop

Chandler Hub/Server

  • patched read-write sharing security issue
  • make Triage Status sort consistent with Desktop
  • occurrences more than a month in the future don’t show up in the Triage List

Complete lists of feature work and bug fixes for Desktop and Server.

New and improved documentation:

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24 Responses to “Chandler 1.0!”

  1. Dan Says:


  2. Internotes − The Chandler Project Blog » Blog Archive » Chandler 1.0 Says:

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  3. Heikki Toivonen Says:

    I think it is important to mention that Chandler was simultaneously launched in five different languages: English, French, German, Swedish and Finnish.

  4. California Dreams » Blog Archive » Chandler Hits Gold Says:

    [...] was a long road, but the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF) announced Chandler 1.0 today. Congratulations to everyone [...]

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    [...] OSAF blog post announcement includes some more detail. And James Fallows has a good post up at the [...]

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    [...] Chandler 1.0 – Amazing, they actually shipped. Looks like it could even be useful. [...]

  7. SolidOffice » Blog Archive » Chandler 1.0 Released Says:

    [...] On Friday of last week, Chandler 1.0 was released: [...]

  8. WebWorkerDaily » Archive Chandler: A New Sort of Task Manager « Says:

    [...] August 11th, 2008 (11:00am) Mike Gunderloy No Comments The Chandler Project has a long history: it was started up in 2002, with backing from Mitch Kapor, as an attempt to create a cutting-edge PIM application. Over the years, the project became the butt of jokes for its inability to actually ship anything, and earlier this year Kapor pulled his backing. Thus I was quite surprised to run across the announcement, late last week, that Chandler 1.0 had actually shipped. [...]

  9. Chandler 1.0, the open source PIM Says:

    [...] Little noticed amid all the hubbub about Mobile Me, the App Store, iPhone killswitches and everything else, was the news from last week that Chandler 1.0 for OS X was finally released. [...]

  10. » Chandler 1.0, the open source PIM Says:

    [...] Little noticed amid all the hubbub about Mobile Me, the App Store, iPhone killswitches and everything else, was the news from last week that Chandler 1.0 for OS X was finally released. [...]

  11. yaakov Says:

    Please fix the email issue.
    It is not working.
    I have to copy stuff from outlook to chandler by hand!
    If you should do only on thing in you life please do that,
    at least let us download email within the task list, and we’ll deal with it,
    but now, the current situation is just not usable.
    Anything that would bring emails into my chandler box will be good.

  12. Observer Says:

    “I think it is important to mention that Chandler was simultaneously launched in five different languages”

    Not to mention both Python and Java. Yay!

  13. Mimi Yin Says:

    Yaakov’s email issue was resolved on the Users List:

  14. Chandler 1.0! | Continuing Intermittent Incoherency Says:

    [...] I missed this last week, but OSAF’s Chandler super-PIM just went 1.0. It’s been a long time in coming, and the result isn’t what I had at all expected. [...]

  15. googleholic Says:

    i’m trying to install Chandler 1.0 @ Ubuntu but getting libicu36 dependency error. Can’t try it myself. But the product seems to be very promising.

    best wishes,

  16. Mimi Yin Says:

    Hi Alex,

    The problem you’re running into has to do with Ubuntu changing the icu library they ship with between version 7 (Gutsy) and version 8 (Heron). Version 7 ships with libicu36 and Version 8 ships with libicu38. We currently support libicu 36 in the Chandler .deb install.

    To remedy this situation, you can either:

    1 Use the .tar.gz download instead of installing a .deb; or

    2.Download and install libicu36
    - Opening the resulting file should launch GDebi package installer
    - Then install the Chandler .deb

    Let us know if you run into any more problems!


  17. googleholic Says:

    Hi, Mimi

    running from .tar.gz doesn’t solve the problem as it gets several python problems.
    Will try to install libicu36 and then reinstall chandler.


    the most confusing is that deb package says it need libicu >= 3.6 but libicu 3.8 doesn’t help. Hope you can fix this fast to ease the life. :)

  18. News sweep at Ted Leung on the Air Says:

    [...] Chandler Project – Chandler has gone 1.0, so if you were put off by the version number, you can take it out for a spin. There are some good [...]

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    [...] personal use: On August 8, Chandler 1.0 was announced and I decided to give it a shot. First I just used it for my personal tasks related to Gallery, [...]

  20. The Chandler Project Blog » Blog Archive » Chandler at 2008 Nonprofit Software Dev Summit (Nov 17-19, Oakland CA) Says:

    [...] can try out Chandler’s core information management workflows in the current 1.0 release: Collecting new information. Triaging tasks. Scheduling and reminders. List management and [...]

  21. Luciano Panepucci Says:


    I am also getting the libicu36 dependency error and I am a little afraid that instaling the libicu36 might not be good to the system..
    Any plans to extend support to libicu8?

  22. ANN: Chandler 1.0 | keyongtech Says:

    [...] the major changes we’ve made since the previous full release, 0.7, see the following blog post: Chandler Desktop 1.0 is available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux at: [...]

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    [...] staff, but the organization continues to make inroads to realizing Chandler’s potential:  version 1.0 is eventually released in August 8, 2008, albeit not included in the book’s [...]

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    [...] but the organization continues to make inroads to realizing Chandler’s potential:  version 1.0 is eventually released in August 8, 2008, albeit not included in the book’s [...]